Family Raspberry Picking


We went on our first Raspberry picking trip this weekend. We drove to a farm on Sauvie Island and found a sweet little place with Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries and cutting flowers available. It was family-run with mum and grandma weighing out the fruit under make-shift tents and people tripping off into the distance with cardboard flats and coming back laden with fruit – too much fruit in many cases but that’s what you do at fruit farms right?

eating rasps

It was a hot day and our children were never going to make it all the way to the Strawberry patch so we stopped at the first row of Raspberries we came to. Predictably, the row had no ripe fruit in the first 20 paces or so but further in where fewer human hands had been the fruit dripped off the canes and we started filling our cases. The children loved it. They ran up and down picking (and eating, of course) like they had never had Raspberries before. Jackson took to sitting in the cart in the shade and eating directly out of the box as I picked them – well it’s much easier that way, he figured out.


I loved our fruit-picking time. It was like stepping back in time to a ‘me’ in the thirties or forties. I imagined that I lived down the lane in my tumble-down cottage and this was my nearest farm where I collected my fruit. In my mind I was also dressed in a tea dress and heels with urchin, shoeless children and probably a husband in an army uniform somewhere. That didn’t happen. But it probably should.

3 Comments on “Family Raspberry Picking

  1. Will you make raspberry jam? I’m curious about prices in the U.S. Supermarkets here have started selling “flats” of strawberries for £3:50 a kilo – compared to £6-7 a kilo in smaller quantities. I’ve just made some strawberry jam and it’s wonderful.(I shouldn’t say that myself, but it is!) plus kilo of sugar (75p) makes it about £1 a jar. And much nicer than shop!

  2. P.s. they are small flats, holding just 1 kilo. Still, not bad.