More Raspberries – urgh!

More Raspberries….urgh! I can’t cope anymore. As you can see, Jackson has his own ideas but really, I need a recipe and quick. Don’t want to make any more jam, have made Raspberry Pavlova, Raspberry Muffins, and eaten about as much Yoghurt with Raspberries as I can take. Anyone, anyone?

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  2. Thanks for the recipe ideas!

    I would freeze them, I really would but I don’t have room in my freezer right now. It’s full of Damsons!

  3. Raspberry booze of some kind? I’ve got a cookbook with two recipes

    Raspberry brandy: Mix 1.5C raspberries (lightly crushed), peel of 1/2 lemon, 3 cups brandy, steep for 2-4 weeks. Strain and filter, squeezing berries in/through a fine cloth. Add 3/4 cup simple syrup and mature 4-6 weeks.

    Raspberry and gin: Mix 2 pounds raspberries (lightly crushed), 2 pounds sugar, 3C gin. Turn every day until sugar is dissolved. Strain, drink.

  4. Personally, I’m with Jackson! Your raspberries look very tasty! (First year for me and mine didn’t do at all well.) To beat the raspberry mountain, take a look at or – both of these sites will overwhelm you with choice (Feta, pumpkin seed and crushed raspberry salad, anyone?) Also, how about Raspberry Vinegar? or perhaps a swop with a neighbour? (I like the sound of raspberry wine as well!)

  5. ooh Truc – now you’re talking my kind of language. Now if only I wasn’t pregnant :(

  6. I’ve recently found your blog and have been enjoying your beautiful pictures and great information. One of our favorite treats when the raspberries are ripe is:
    Chocolate Valentine Cake
    It is a flourless cake with a raspberry sauce poured over it! Delicious! If you want the recipe I’ll be glad to share.

    Jane (USA)

  7. Make raspberry vinegar! So easy, sweet and yummy. Use it straight as a salad dressing or add a little oil and some dry mustard. It lasts a few months. You can even make it in the winter with the berries you freeze.

  8. My Dad used to fill a Large Jam Jar with raspberrys and then add vodka or any other white spirit put the lid on tight and leave them for at least 3 months ( in time for xmas).
    They are amazing, we call then alcoholic raspberrys!
    You can bring them out at the end of a dinner as a finalie.
    You only need one or two, they are great added to ice cream.
    I hope you find something to do with them all.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  9. Rasperries by post? To me?! Fed up of paying over £2 for a stingy box in Waitrose. Or more realistically lovely presents on neighbours doorsteps?
    I’m amazed you’ve had such a glut. My in laws were saying it’s a bad raspberry year and have only had a few bowlfuls and enough for a couple of pots of jam.

  10. The concept of Too Many Raspberries doesn’t compute!

    Maybe you can go to a garden glut swap-meet, or just offer some to your neighbours & friends?

  11. ive tried raspberry vodka for the first time this year. i filled a kilner jar with some cheap vodka. added a couple of handfulls of raspberrys, a good few tbsp’s of sugar ( i like it sweet). give it a shake every few days till the sugar has dissolved and then keep the jar in a cool place. ive managed to resist opening it for a couple of months. i just hope it tastes as good as it looks!

  12. I too have raspberries coming out of my ears- epicurious. Com has a lovely sparkling raspberry lemonade recipe- you could doue it as we drank it all in one go. 3 cups of raspberries+1/2 cup of water+1cup of sugar in a pan-simmer until sugardissolves then cook about3 minutes longer to soften raspberries

    Strain into a bowl, pushing on mixture to extract a much liquid as possible. Add some grated lemonzest,place in the fridge to cool.
    In the meantime squeeze lemons to obtain 1 cup fresh lemon juice

  13. Sorry hit submit too soon- add cooled raspberry syrup mixture to lemon juice and one liter chilled sparkling water,stirgently and serve over ice:-) yummy !

  14. wow thanks for all the recipes. I could start a Raspberry Recipes blog with all these. Brilliant!

  15. Heather Jane thanks for the link to the rasp scones recipe- easy and tasty – I made them today- perfect!

  16. i’ve also got a wonderful surplus of raspberries and have started freezing them, so if you’re freezer is full of damsons, maybe ask your neighbours to store some for you in return for some fresh ones. My memories from childhood were of lots of raspberries, so we always had some in the freezer, and in the winter after Sunday Roast we’d have victoria sponge cake with raspberries in the middle. – heavenly

  17. I live close by and would be truly delighted to take some off your hands…seriously!! I’m making lots of chutney at the moment (green tomato today) but am longing to make some jam. I would happily trade you for a jar of chutney!

  18. Rasberry Mojitos are the best thing ever!! You could even try non alcoholic versions. So refreshing.

  19. raspberry cordial which you can either freeze in small plastic bottles or store in a sterilised glass bottle. Just boil them up, strain and the juice and add sugar to taste. With mint is particularly nice :o)

  20. Can I just chime in that we did raspberry gin with our overripe berries last year and it was fantastic! I sympathise with the pregnancy issue (being in the same way myself) but put into some pretty bottles, this is really a fantastic Christmas present (if you make it now as per Truc’s recipe, then leave it to mature in a dark cupboard until early December before bottling). Best served ice cold neat, but also very enjoyable with sparkling water for a garden cocktail!

  21. I used to make raspberry sorbet with our glut of raspberries unfortunately I don’t have the recipe anymore but I’m sure there are plenty around. It is really special and very fresh – great for guests.

  22. For the raspberries I would say sorbet or booze – both already been suggested!

    I am looking to go self sufficient in the near future and would like to offer help to anyone with planting, harvesting – anything that needs to be done – free labour in return for bit of advice and experience!

  23. I have two great recipes white choc and raspberry cookies and raspberry bakewell cake (the latter can be found on the bbc good food website – just put the name in the search engine).

    Cookie recipe

    170g tube condensed milk
    225g sugar
    225g margarine
    150g white choc chunks
    350g sr flour
    175g raspberries Makes approx 20 large ones

    Beat sugar and marg till pale and stir in condensed milk. Mix flour in to form a dough and mix in choc chunks.

    Take small piece of mixture and flatten in your hand place 3 raspberries in the middle and gently fold the dough over them and place on a baking sheet well spaced – they do spread and place in 180 degree oven for 15-18 mins.

    They are lovely having a hot raspberry centre and chewy biscuit. You can keep the mixture in the fridge for 2-3 days and keep making them fresh.

  24. I was given some Autumn Raspberry roots this year, so planted them with plenty of manure and they’ve done fabulously. Fortunately the roots also came with a couple of recipes, my favourite being raspberry mouse.

    Plenty of fruit
    5oz sugar
    250ml cream (whipped)
    3 large eggs
    1 sachet gelatine

    Put the fruit in a tiny bit of water and simmer until soft, then pass through a sieve.
    Whip 3 egg yolks with sugar until cream like.
    Whip egg whites into soft peaks
    Whip up cream
    Mix most of the fruit juice, egg yolks, egg whites, and cream together.
    Add the gelatine to the remaining juice and warm until the gelatine has dissolved.
    Mix the gelatine into the egg/cream mixture, place in a serving bowl and refrigerate until set.
    I’m not sure why but I always grate a little white chocolate over the top too.

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  26. I male raspberry wine with my surplus