Strawberries Ready to Ripen

My Strawberries are almost ready to ripen. They’re quite big but still green. It was mid June by the time we were eating Strawberries last year and what with the set back earlier in the year it could be later than that this year.

I just hope they ripen before we go on holiday! Arghhh! the thought of Strawberries going to waste makes me faint. Basically, I just want the garden to stop, stop everything, while we sit on a beach for a while and then when we get back everything can start again. I’m asking too much, aren’t I?

8 Comments on “Strawberries Ready to Ripen

  1. it sounds like you are as impatient at gardening as me!

    my sister has a healthy crop of strawbs this year. after a couple of failed years she is growing in pots this year (as opposed to in beds) she looks like she has a bumper crop on the way!

  2. We’re about to leave town for a week and I had to do a lot of work to get the garden ready for our absence! Lucky for us, the strawberries are done producing for the year (kind of early). You’re not asking too much!

  3. No you’re not asking too much at all! I completely agree with you – gardens should just stop and wait while we go on holiday. I mean we had to wait MONTHS while they just stopped everything during the winter didn’t we?

  4. I’ve already started eating my juicy, sweet Honeoye strawberries here in sunny Surrey. They are an early variety. Hubby’s mid-season Hapils are looking more like yours and one has just turned red today.

    What variety are you growing? So long as they are not a late variety and you are not going away in the next week they should be ready soon. The anticipation will make them taste all the better for you, I’m sure.

  5. :-) I hope they wait for you. I was gutted to leave my allotment and garden when we went on holiday – I was also hoping some little bluetit babies would stay until we got home and they are still there thank goodness :-)

  6. 1. On strawberries: suggest you move to an early variety. Better still, have a few so you spread the season. Wich means: no bumpercrops ready at the same time so proably not even enough for dessert but a continuous flow of “candies”, just a handful or so per day…
    In my opinion pots maybe easier to pick but shouldn’t make a difference harvestwise.

    2. On timing: why do you want to leave in the summer in the first place? Enjoy the fact that Jackson doensn’t have to go to school (this is assuming that head- or undergardener do not work in education). We have the school-issue but never ever leave more than 2 weeks in summer and even that we’ll shorten this year after a very disappointing return from 2009 summer holidays.

  7. It’s strange, despite living in the country (in Wales) we can’t seem to find any straw for our strawberries. Would you be able to suggest anything else we can use? They’re currently resting on kitchen paper, but I think that may not be the best think for them! (We grow our veggies and fruit in a greenhouse, all in pots or growbags… the birds have the rest of the garden!

    Like the blog!

  8. We’re in the same boat! We’re patiently waiting for a bunch of cucumbers to finish growing and I’m sure they’ll do it the moment we leave for vacation. I want them to either speed up or slow down.