Strawberry Time

After the disappointment of the last few days I thought I would cheer myself up with a sweet little summer treat – yep, hold the front page, the Strawberries are ready!

There’s nothing quite like that first taste of juicy, sweet, slightly warm but oh so ripe Strawberry. And there’s only one way to enjoy it – stuff it in your mouth and eat it as quickly as possible. As demonstrated by my lovely assistant.

Now, if only I could get away with eating like that…hmmm.

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  1. :-) A happy time for us all, I think. I’m hoping this downpour of rain will stop later today so I can go on the planned strawberry picking session with my family…..

  2. Wow, you’re way ahead of me on the strawberries – mine are just tiny little things and are only just starting.

    If you want a way to use them strawberries up and treat yourself, you could make a “strawberry bowl”. It’s basically an alcoholic drink with strawberries in. Chop them up into small pieces, add a bit of sugar (to taste, or not bother), add a bottle of wine and leave to soak in the fridge. Then just when you’re about to serve it (in a tumbler with a tea spoon) add a bottle of champers, or sparkline wine. It’s perfect for a Summer’s day in the garden – just make sure you wait for late afternoon before you start or you’ll be leathered by tea time!!! hehehe.

    If you’re in a rush you can have it straight away but if you leave it to soak it becomes like a rose wine and is a bit sweeter.

    Ah well, I guess I’ll have to make do with shop bought and “pick your own” for a little while longer….sigh!

  3. wow !! what great photos, our strawberries are just ripe too but unfortunately my little cherubs popped them in their mouths and they were gone before i could grab the camera so i chuckled when i saw your photos x

  4. Your assistant is a pro is showing us how to eat strawberries. Thats the right way! :) loved the photos…

  5. Hi,

    I was just looking back to see all the things you planted this year and saw that on the 3rd of June you put a photo of your strawberries still very tiny and green – do they really ripen so quickly??? Mine are about the size of yours were on the 3rd so I’m really excited now. I thought it was going to take weeks. Summer is almost here, yay!!!!

  6. Hooray! Does this mean I can attack the ‘pick your owns’ with a vengence now? I have been waiting for this news… thank you!

  7. Andrea – firstly your Strawberry wine recipe sounds err… wow! Secondly, yes my Strawberries did ripen very quickly. Maybe it was the week of gorgeous weather that we had (in the UK) last week that spurred them on.

  8. How quickly they grow: Children and strawberries! Some great pictures (as usual). I must go and get some strawberries from my garden now, as feeling very hungry…

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