There Will be Fruit

I realise it’s only March (well, April nearly) but my Blackcurrant bushes and Red and White currant bushes are flowering – big time! The flowers are so teeny-tiny that I only noticed them this evening when I was making my 6pm sweep of the garden.

The Blackcurrant flowers (top) are all hairy and cute, packed tightly inside every leaf nook. Whereas the White currants (above) are yellow and dangling down, ready to form the drooping sprigs that will be picked wholesale come summer.

This is so exciting! It means that there ‘will’ be fruit. Oh I am glad.

8 Comments on “There Will be Fruit

  1. That’s such a coincidence, as yesterday afternoon I noticed flower buds on my blackcurrants too. They came into leaf weeks ago, while my old redcurrant bush only started spouting green stuff a fortnight ago.

  2. Help!! Last year (in pots) I planted a blueberry shrub and a gooseberry shrub – they have just started to “bud” do you think I will get fruit from them this year? Yvonne

  3. Yep, just noticed tiny flowers on my gooseberries, the black currants and red currents only went in this year so I’ll not be getting anything from them. Fingers crossed on the tayberries though.

  4. Hi Yvonne.
    Gooseberries fruit on old wood so you won’t get any many (if any) on your gooseberry this year. As for the Blueberry, you will need two bushes in order for one bush to pollinate the other. If you only have one bush then it’s unlikely to fruit due to poor pollination. Hang in there though, both fruits are worth the wait!

  5. oooh I’d love to have a Tayberry bush. If…only…I…could…squeeze…one…in, but alas I’ve run out of wall :(

  6. This may sound like a silly question, infact it is but here goes, to have 2 blueberry shurbs for pollentaion, do I put them in the same pot?


  7. I have Tayberries and I hope to get lots of fruit this year. Its rambles a bit and needs to be kept in check though.

  8. Hi Yvonne – no not the same pot. But do place them near each other. Oh and buy some ericaceous soil to put them in, and only water them with rain water. They hate lime and tap water can have that in it.