First Leeks

My leeks are getting big enough to pull now. I pulled up this one and cooked it with an onion from my store and some tortellini. Very nice.
They are buggers to get out of the ground though. I’m always paranoid that it will snap if I pull at it and so I dig down so deep that all the other leeks around it start to come out too. Then I have to replant them. Maybe they are too close together – I’m not sure.
On a different note – one of the great things about keeping a blog is that you can have a peek at what you were doing this time last year. It just so happens that I was planting some raspberry canes, 10 Autumn Bliss and 3 free ones (Golden) from Grow Your Own Magazine. The Autumn Bliss canes were fine and cropped very heavily. But only one of the three Golden canes survived and while the fruit tasted great there were very few of them. I guess I can’t complain since they were free!

2 Comments on “First Leeks

  1. You’ll find Autumn Bliss and excellent raspberry and so easy to look after – cut all back to the ground in Jan.
    As for leeks – yep they’re hard to get out but they do a great job breaking up the soil.