Giant Garlic

Giant Garlic

What a bunch of whoppers! I decided to pull up my garlic a few days ago after the rust got too much for them. I had already pulled up some that I planted back in November and they were of a fair size. But I have to say I was flabbergasted when I saw these. They’re enormous! They’re not an elephant garlic variety just a normal ‘purple’ variety. I’m not sure why they’re so big. I planted them around December time so they’ve been in the ground a fair while but still… I have around 15 more to harvest so there will be no shortage of garlic this year. A good tip when harvesting is to make sure that you clean them off as soon as you pull them. If you let the soil dry on them it’s virtually impossible to get off. Plus it makes them look pretty.

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  1. Wow!
    How perfect looking is that garlic? It looks almost too perfect to be true … are you sure you’re not fooling us and using ‘stand in’ ceramic garlic … only joking! I’m guessing you’re looking forward to some good meals …

  2. Fantastic garlic, lovely photo. If I’d taken that picture I’d have it framed. Well done.

  3. No sign of rust on those beauts! I pulled my garlic on the allotment end of June – a bit early perhaps, did you get more growth for leaving them in the ground until now?

  4. I pulled mine up about a month ago and they are not even remotely in the same league as these. Perhaps I was too early — but it seemed to me that they had started to rot. We never get it right with garlic or onions….

  5. Gorgeous garlic! You’re right about leaving the soil on – I did just that and then had real trouble cleaning them up – managed to develop a ‘rubbing with soft dry glove’ technique that seemed to clean them up but not as immaculate as yours! Fantastic!

  6. Yes – the soil is problem. But if you stip off the top layer then that fixes it. Don’t worry that you’ve taken too much off as it quickly goes papery.

  7. One tip.

    Everytime I see an article about growing garlic, it says that you should buy new virus free growing stock every year.

    I think this is nonsense as well as being very expensive. In my view supermarket garlic is just as good as any from a seed merchant.

    I have been growing garlic from my own stock for 15 years. I simply choose the biggest cloves to plant in October.

    A couple of years I have had red spot or mildew but the cloves seem unaffected. I have planted from this stock without any fungus reappearing the following year. The main thing to reduce the risk of fungal disease if to plant them where the air can blow through them.



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