Mild, Mild Autumn

Is it me, or is this Autumn really, really mild? I don’t usually have Cos Lettuce still standing in the garden at this time of year. Even my Calendula is STILL going. There has been no sign of frost whatsoever and the last of my Tomatoes are still ripening, albeit very slowly.

I’m a bit perturbed to be honest. Anyone else experiencing the everlasting season? What have you still got that you aught not to have?

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  1. Could I pick your brains? I’ve planted my garlic a few weeks ago to sit through the Winter frost. But there starting to sprout already. Is this normal or has the MILD Autumn/Winter made them sprout prematurely?

  2. Still got lettuce growing away merrily though tomatoes are finished. I was about to plant out my garlic but maybe I should leave it a bit longer? This time last year it was snowing!

  3. I’m still picking autumn raspberries which isn’t such a surprise but the continual forming of more green berries is. And the rocket which is producing pretty flowers to brighten the garden is showing no signs of being weathered.

  4. it is SO mild up here in cumbria it is unreal!! i am worried my garlic went in too early and is going to end up a complete disaster!….and i WANT to wear my sweaters–it’s nearly november after all!!
    liz xx

  5. everything is doing very well, I do have the tunnel, yes, but it is not cold enough at night time, so it’s like summer in the tunnel, except maybe the days are shorter and the sun is lower, but I have new tomatoes and courgettes growing, and the blackberries are still producing more and more berries and there is soooooo many of them. I’ve given up picking them because I have enough jam to last me an entire year… And the grass is still growing, too. And it is sooo wet, you can hardly cut it :-(

    So yeah, it’s a mild October. I will wait with the garlic until the end of November, I think.

    P.S. that’s some very neat looking cos lettuce you’re growing, yummy!

  6. We have the opposite here in New Zealand. Nearly November and we are still getting snow! Lots of cold, wet days then with sudden unexpected hot days in between. A strang spring indeed.

    I think it is a sure sign that our climate is long gone past predicatable.

    My saving grace has been my new greenhouse and a strategic plantings. So far the only damage has been a mild frost bite to my potatoe tops. I’m hoping the worst is over.

  7. It’s definitely Fall here in Oregon. I picked all of my unripening green tomatoes….and I made some great Green Tomato Cake. (Recipe and photos on my blog) Love your blog…

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  8. I’m worried about my newly sown sweet peas and cauliflowers which are in the cold frame and should be sulking. They are romping away in the mild weather and will be ready to plant out FAR to early. Do I stick with them and hope that they get knocked back when it turns cold? Who said gardening was relaxing……

  9. It’s been really mild here too, and lots of my summer crops are still happily growing. I’m still picking raspberries, strawberries, courgettes, runner beans, spinach & rocket, physalis, etc. All of these plants are still forming new fruits too! I’m loving it though–all this extra delicious food.

  10. Well, today is the next to the last day of October, I still have cherry tomatoes ripening, my lemons are just starting to yellow, and my cosmo is covered in buds! I grow cosmos every year, and usually I am removing them around now. Not this year. This year they just started blooming a couple weeks ago, though I started the seeds the same time I always do. I am in Northern California.

  11. Things here in CT have been fickle: we had a spell of 50*F days with rain and wind, then a stretch of 68*F-72*F days. Some parts of the state got snow (I didn’t) followed by sun and warmth. Our poor trees and gardens must be utterly confused.

  12. No! Here in Minnesota (northern middle of the US) it SNOWED in the first week of October which is very unusual. We lost a lot of produce as the frost sneaked up about a month earlier than it’s been for a long time. It’s been very cold here, and rainy, not fall-like at all. I’m glad someone is getting a lovely fall somewhere…. :)

  13. Here in Leeds my tomatoes and raspberries are still rippening and calendula and geranium are flowering! Also I’ve noticed the marigold are in full bloom. The last of my crown-prince pumpkin has been picked and tastes absolutely delicious! However only a single pea has germinated after sowing around 30 of them 2 weeks ago – maybe I should have soaked them first.

  14. Here in the Netherlands we had two nights of frost (-3 C) on the 13th and 14th of October. Very early, as we usually get our first frost at the end of October or even later. The weather has been pretty mild and sunny since the frost, but the frost finished all the annuals and most of the vegetables at the allotment. Everything is dull and brown. Let winter come!

  15. Some of the pea beans I have been shelling today have sprouted inside the pod? Could it be that the weather has upset them and they think it’s spring already?

  16. Ooh I have to agree with Rachael – I’m in New Zealand too and where it should be a beautiful spring the frosts are hanging on! Everything seems to be struggling – even tomatoes won’t grow! Also, earlier in the year our summer stretched on unusually long as well…

  17. I Took the remainder of my toms off and have them in a draw after weeks of the endless green colour, they are decent sized(average 40gram) and have started to turn red already.(circa 2 weeks after)

  18. I’m still harvesting courgette Tromba d’Albenga – just took another one off the plants today. They don’t come as thick and fast and during the summer, but I’m still getting one every week or so. Very, very strange. Anyway, I can feel a chill in the air now, so I don’t think the baby ones will be growing any bigger.

  19. Do you use irrigation when growing vegetables or plants for that matter? If so , what type of irrigation is best? I have a rather wet climate where I live but then extreme periods of dry weather and without water my plants and vegetables will simply die.

  20. According to met office records, it is the mildest autumn in 24 years in the parts of the UK and USA. The Uk is experiencing heavy winds and rain now though so that will change things. My garden could do with a good stretch of water though so Im not complaining. Too late to plant seeds though before the frost gets them