Sad Little Goodbye Peppers


Today I cleared away the Pepper plants and rescued the last little Peppers that were still clinging on. The rain has been very heavy here and my Pepper plants were almost horizontal. Goodbye until next year. So they went in the compost bin and the teeny Peppers came inside. They may or may not be edible. We’ll see.

As you can see I have some seedlings growing in the greenhouse. They are Winter Density Lettuce and I plan to grow them in the small bed that I have inside the greenhouse. I’m planning to sow some Radish and Corn Salad too. Just to lift our salad spirits in the depths of Winter!

Next year I might have a go at Salad Burnet, now that Monty was talking about it last week on Gardeners’ World (still love that show). But then I want to do everything that Monty does. I even scratched my lawn and forked some drainage holes in it today. Teacher’s pet.

4 Comments on “Sad Little Goodbye Peppers

  1. Gardener’s World does that effect doesn’t it? Monty has inspired me to give Salad Burnet a try; I already have the seeds but didn’t make the space to sow them. Will have to try harder next year – it does look like a plant that will earn its keep.

  2. Did your lawn end up looking as messy as his did!! Mine certainly did.

  3. David – err yes. It looks pretty bad and I didn’t even have any sand to rake in.