The Big Wait

I’m away from home at the moment and wondering what’s going on back home in my garden. Most people wish that they had a web cam to check if their pets are okay, I wish I had a web cam to check whether my Tomatoes are ripened yet. 

When I left home they looked like this. Very big and stubbornly green. They hadn’t seen any sunshine for hmm… let’s see, around two weeks. I’m hoping that the sun has been cracking the flagstones while I’ve been away and when I get back I will be harvesting plump, ripe, gorgeous, squishy, tomatoey Tomatoes.

I’m really hoping that I will be making Jamie’s Mothership Tomato Salad recipe – the one where he just chucks in handful of every Tomato variety he has to make a massive bowlful of yummy salad. But then again I could be coming home to a brown, mushy, blighted mess. I think I’ll cry if that happens.

8 Comments on “The Big Wait

  1. Don’t know how to break this to you, but… well, let’s just say the sun’s not been cracking the flagstones.

    We had a gorgeous Saturday. And, er, that was it.

    I thought last summer was bad. And then this one happened.

  2. Fingers crossed for you. Mine have the dreaded blight and even the green ones that aren’t blighted are titchy tiny, am down to single ‘back-up’ tomato plant in the conservatory.

  3. Mine have also been refusing point blank to ripen, I swear I can hear them chanting “no! no! no!” as I walk away from the greenhouse, ever so slightly dejected. I also caught some woodlice in the act of munching some of my less than firm specimens. It seems it’s all going to pot…I just need a few days of warmth and sunshine and I’m sure I’d have a bumper crop. Come on summer, your time’s not up yet…

  4. Im pretty new to growing veg and when it comes to tomatoes i only get like 2 on each plant i feel so hopeless does anyone have any good tips too growing them.

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