Time to Get Out the Pickling Jars

Bad news and good news. The bad news is that I spotted the dreaded blight on my beloved Tomatoes. The good news is that I had to cut out three infected branches which had a bunch of green Tomatoes on them – a great excuse to make Green Tomato Chutney. I also have some Gherkins ready so tomorrow is pickling day!

6 Comments on “Time to Get Out the Pickling Jars

  1. Sorry to hear about the blight. I am in West Yorks. & my toms are still green & I was thinking I may have to make green chutney. Do you have a recipe you could share please?

  2. My leaves are looking a bit dodgy also, might have to cut some off too. Also, my tomatoes are still green, not one has ripened!!!! I blame all this rain in South Wales!!!! I would love it if you could also share a green chutney recipe please?

  3. Oh the Gherkins are so cute! Sorry to hear about the blight. Our weather here has caused mine to take much longer to ripen. We’ve only had the cherry varieties.

  4. My tomatoes are starting to look similar. I did “surgery” on a few branches this weekend, and it really did make me sad. Thanks for the ideas on the chutney though! I’m glad to have found your blog :-)

  5. Please could you pass on the instructions for pickling the gherkins? Mine are still rapidly turning into cucumbers, but there will be plenty left of the right size when the frosts appear again. Many thanks