Tiny Turk’s Turban

So I have to admit our neighbours were fantastic at freezing our Raspberries for us while we were away. Full marks for that. They weren’t, however, quite so good at watering plants – infact I’m forced to give a ‘nil point’ Eurovision style, since one of my plants actually died from lack of water. Which one? Only my beloved Turk’s Turban Pumpkin!

Okay, okay so it only actually had one Pumpkin growing on it. And admittedly that one was very small. But still, the Pumpkin! When I saw its withered frame and tiny, vulnerable, perfectly formed Pumpkin, cruelly stopped in its tracked… well, I was sad. Especially, since last year’s were so massive.

Someone, however, was over the moon when he saw it. A mini Pumpkin, just for me? You really shouldn’t have. What a perfect size for little fingers. Clearly, it’s mine and will forever be so.

What’s a mum to do? I guess I’ll just wait until he’s gone to bed and then hide it away for my Autumn table display. Shuush… he’ll never know.

9 Comments on “Tiny Turk’s Turban

  1. I sort of wish I had to time to make an ‘autumn table display’. Although I’m also pretty terrified by the thought of it. Hmmm, back to real life and a job tomorrow! Have fun with your table display.

  2. I know – it’s all a bit Martha Stewart isn’t it. But, really, that’s what I do. I’m ‘that woman’ who creates an Autumn display! Any excuse to bring vegetables into the house really. One year I grew red Sweetcorn for decoration purposes only. If I had a bigger garden I would grow ornamental gourds. Sorry :)

  3. The colors of fall/winter squash are so striking. Though I don’t do displays, I often can’t help taking a picture of a pile of assorted squash just for the overlap of color. The extreme closeup often ends up as my desktop wallpaper. Turban squash kind of wraps all the colors in one single swoop :-)

  4. Taking the pumpkin away from the kid. That’s just mean. I’m so telling your mom. LOL

  5. I have had no luck with pumpkins this year, or generally. The only year I got anything worthwhile was the year one of my kids brought a seed home from playschool in a yoghourt pot. Being obedient and well trained I watered it, it grew, so I planted it out and got a pumpkin about 12″ in diameter. I photographed said child proudly holding her pumpkin (before turning it into a halloween one) and gave a copy of the photo to the supervisor at the playschool – who burst into tears. Apparently she had been sending seeds home with children for 20 years and this was the first time anyone had ever told her that anything had grown from them!

  6. Seeing those little hands makes me miss you guys. Happy Autumn! xoxo

  7. Love your site, pictures, advice n recipes ……..
    I know what you mean about bring the veg inside, my sister gave me a large Angelhair melon and I’m currently using it as a bookend on my sideboard – it looks lovely, seems a shame to eat it!
    I followed your green tomato chutney recipe and it was lovely, I was so proud of my first effort at chutney I wanted to leave the jars on the windowsill for all to see. LOL