Winter Harvest

I’m certainly glad that I’m not relying on my garden for sustinance right now but I’m also always amazed by the way the garden looks empty but when I get out there I can bring in a winter harvest like this. As you can see I picked some Leeks, Spinach, Parsnips and the last Spring Onions. Not bad!

And it also went a long way too! I made roast Parsnips and Creamed Leek and Spinach to go with my lunchtime vegetable lasagne. Also I put the Leeks with some Courgette and cheese I had in the fridge to make Courgette and Leek Gratin for Jackson. He’s going to love it. Leeks are one of his favourite flavours.

8 Comments on “Winter Harvest

  1. I wish I was still getting things from my garden. I have a bit of spinach, kale and lettuce I can pick, but it’s pretty much finished for the year. Next year I’ll try leeks, I’ve heard they do OK in this cold weather.

  2. nice leeks, we’re getting a similar crop basket from our plot at the minute. It’s pretty amazing as you say… and then there are the parsnips! I’m looking forward to having our own roast parsnips at Christmas

  3. Yes Parsnips. I love them! The one’s pictured here are small compared to the huge ones I’m saving for Christmas day.

  4. Even though there is less to harvest on the allotment this time of year, what we have is wonderful! Beautiful root veggies, leeks and brassicas!! Thank you for reminding me of this!

  5. You’re making me hungry now, that would make a great soup too! Unfortunately at the moment, I only have a patio garden but as soon as I get a bigger one – I’ll be growing things.

    By the way have you considered posting your photos on They are brilliant!

  6. It’s nice to make use of seasonal products and not make more carbon footprints than necessary.