Posh Mushrooms on Toast

What else can be done on a damp and rainy Saturday but go the Farmer’s Market, buy some nice food, come home and cook it. I don’t grow Mushrooms (maybe I should) so having a guy at the market who grows nothing but Mushrooms is very handy. The Mushrooms he sells are always amazing he cooks some on his stall, so you can eat while you browse. Mmmmm…

So I bought some large Portabello, a handful of Oyster and some Shiitake Mushrooms chopped them and put them in a pan with some butter.

The recipe I used was ameded from the one in Jamie Oliver’s book, At Home. I think he calls it Mushroom Bruschetta. But you basically fry up the Mushrooms with some chopped Garlic, Parsley, Thyme and Chilli Pepper. Then add some Lemon juice and a tablespoon of water to make a sauce. It’s super easy.

But tastes amazing. Saturday lunch done. Now I can get on with some more leaf clearing!

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  1. I found this UK ‘log’ site


    Has anyone ever tried one of these? I am fascinated by the idea but hesitate to fork over as the last fancy mushrooms I tried (we have a big mushroom fest in Eugene annually) tasted like delicately fried strips of rubber to me. Our posh mushrooms are chanterelles but they don’t taste remotely like the ‘hint of apricot’ they are hyped up to be.

  2. that looks delicious :) mushrooms are so yummy and to look at – amazing things. love those photos. i made chestnut mushrooms fried in garlic oil, egg and hollandaise on toast for lunch and it was so yummy!

  3. what wonderful photos. I too had a glorious trip to a farmer’s market the other day.

  4. Gardening and cooking! So glad I stumbled across your blog. Must now also try the mushrooms. Perfect food for leaf moving! I credited you also for my own green tomato adventure – thanks for the inspiration receipe – my own pictures here:

    And I’m also eyeing the wonderful cold-frame you have constructed. . . . (and wondering if I could really build something like that on my own. I even have the window already!)

    Queenie here – from the states – ever so nice to meet you!

  5. This looks like a perfect autumn lunch and your photos are amazing. I just discovered your blog and could get lost here all day. I’m in the U.S. in Colorado, and just added your blog to my “blogroll” because I know my readers will love it, too. Happy gardening and I’ll be back soon.
    All the best,

  6. I’ve chosen you for the Honest Scrap Award. If you want to participate you can check out my post today or if you aren’t into memes, feel free to ignore it.


  7. Yum! Look out for shaggy ink caps which are delish just fried up with butter and garlic.

    But don’t pick them after heavy rain, as they soak up the water and end up tasting of nothing.

  8. These are such nice looking fresh mushrooms, i wish we had em available in pakistan easily too, we do get those canned button mushrooms for abt $ .85 a can but these are no where to be found, maybe i could try growing em! I hope you enjoyed yours.. :)

  9. Now that looks like a great way to eat mushrooms!! My boys claim they don’t like them and that they have no flavour – perhaps I should try out this recipe on them, I think it may change their minds. Oh, and to echo one of the previous commenters- great photos as well!