Ryan’s Smoothie Recipe

Ryan is master of the smoothie. He makes them for us everyday and they are delicious – and also have the added benefit of being healthy (bonus!). He’s perfected his smoothie recipe over the past three months, adding a little bit here, taking away a little bit there. And the result is perfection itself; super sweet, not too thick, using ingredients that are not a pain to peel (which is actually a bigger deal than you think). Here it is:

Ryan’s Smoothie Recipe
– small can of pineapples in juice
– one banana
– two oranges
– one apple
– six ice cubes
blend them all together in a food processor.

10 Comments on “Ryan’s Smoothie Recipe

  1. Sounds yummy. Way to go, Chef Ryan! So, do you peel the apple too?

  2. Hi Kristin – yes I believe he peels the apple too. Lovin’ your blog by the way!

  3. I’m so glad you like the blog. We are getting ready to buy a canon rebel xt digital SLR… so hopefully we’ll get some good pics to go on it!

  4. because pineapple is quite a fiberous fruit isnt this smoothie quite stringy?

  5. Ryan makes a stupendous smoothie…I am proud of him!! (his mom)

  6. this sounds delicious!! i make a pretty mean smoothie for maddie and josh too. i should try your version though!! i love fruit smoothies!

  7. we tried this and we really enjoyed it, Alex’s comment was “mmmmmm yummy more plaese”
    we are still converting daddy but we love it. Way to go Ryan.

  8. Just had a pineapple smoothie following this recipe for lunch and it was lovely. Nice work ryan