Super-Easy Mini Yule Logs

It’s Chriiiiiistmas! And in the spirit I made these Super-Easy Mini Yule Logs for a kids Christmas party that Jackson went to. They are so easy but look quite the part. Simply buy some ready made mini chocolate rolls, then cover each one with chocolate icing (bought or made whichever you have time for). Then dust with icing sugar and don’t forget the ornamental snow-covered trees! Et voilĂ  – the easiest yule logs you’ll ever make.

5 Comments on “Super-Easy Mini Yule Logs

  1. They look yummy! And yes, with the Christmas trees and snow they seriously look the part. Hey, how’s about sharing Christmas baking recipes next week? I have a billion biscuit cutters which haven’t been used this year. And our local supermarket has such a pitiful assortment of good Chrimbo bakings I think I need to do it myself this year.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. They do look yummy and I might just make some next week. I’ve just made 60 Christmas biscuits for my fete tomorrow morning so I think I’ll have a rest this weekend with the baking.

  3. Dictionary: Limey to yankee

    icing sugar = confectioner’s sugar (or just granulated sugar, ground up fine in a coffee grinder)
    icing = frosting
    Crimble (or, apparently ‘Crimbo’) = Christmas
    Biscuits (or bikkies) = cookies
    Fete = bazaar or sale of goodies

  4. thanks for the translation, Kath. :-) I hope i don’t have to do quantity conversions from lbs to grams… yickes!

  5. if only life were that simple, i am going four weeks without buying plastic of any kind. little chocolate rolls come in plastic. one week three days left. i did cave in once and bought a bottle of olive oil with it’s little plastic pouring spout inside because i really needed oil. : )