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Apologies for the awful ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ pun. But I’m so excited about my find – it’s pure gold. While wandering around town I spied a cool-looking 1950s style mixing bowl in a charity shop window (I like kitchenalia). So in I went ready to ask the assistant if I could rummage in the window. But then, I completely forgot about the bowl because on the floor infront of me was a huge box full of books. It had the sign: ‘Old Gardening Books – 50p each’. I was in there like a flash and emerged 10 minutes later, the proud owner of these little beauties. I just love the cool fifties and sixties style covers. I think I would have bought them even if I didn’t like gardening. And yes I know, I don’t have a greenhouse but a girl can dream can’t she?

7 Comments on “Book Gold – Texas Tea

  1. Well, you have a mini green house don’t you?

    Surely some of the same principles will apply on a mini scale!

  2. You know – I bet they will. I’ll get in some practice for when I have my 40 foot greenhouse, vinery, peach house and pineapple pit – one day!

  3. I’m the same ! I check my charity shops in town at least twice a week and the ammount of books I have amassed for pennies in brilliant – the things people throw away always amazes me

  4. Yeah they are pure art! I love a good charity shop scrounge! Have a look also, in antiquarian book shops! You can sometimes find marvellous old articles on veg-growing written by kitchen gardeners of the 1800s.
    Fab blog btw! Will be back!

  5. I had stopped going to charity shops believing that bargains were no longer possible – wrongly it appears! Great finds and a great blog, Gill. Been reading for some weeks now and have added you to my first attempt at joining the blogosphere!

  6. Great find! I found How to Make a Garden, from 1937. A short primer that included 2 newspaper clippings the former owner added in. Now I always do a check through in the charity shops also.

  7. I was wondering how you found ‘Tackle Greenhouse Management This Way’?

    I bought it when I was a novice to greenhouse gardening and I think the book is a must for others like me. It is written in an easy to understand manner and is structured so that you can pick out the sections you want or need without having to wade through endless pages of the stuff you don’t want.