Grow Your Own (the movie)

grow your own movie
Grow Your Own (the movie) is out on June 15th. The website has just launched and they’ve used some of my recipes! It’s a very nicely designed site with a section where you can watch the trailer too. Looks like a pretty ‘true to life’ example of allotment life if you ask me.

6 Comments on “Grow Your Own (the movie)

  1. Hehehe that’s just too cool for school.
    On the flip side just when you think you’re doing something original and fulfilling you realise it’s the nations latest craze*! WOW. :)
    *Although allotments were only invented in 1992 south of Bath, UK, 97% of people now rent one from their local council. This makes them a bigger craze than head boppers ever were. PJM et al, 2007.

  2. Can’t wait for that! I can hear the p**s being taken already though and plot politics may nEver be the same again!!

  3. I saw a trailer for this a little while ago but I’d promptly forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll definitely being going to see it.

  4. mtp: That’s great (as in, fun!)!!

    I’m gonna try your recipes. I’ve been collecting (a few) recipes, person-to-person, over a couple of years now. This year, I want to start passing on the ones I’ve tried and liked (and are simple!), that use the veggies I grow.

    Full credit, of course, like: “My Tiny Plot’s Leek & Potato Soup”! And so forth… :)