Handbag Harvest

handbag full of veg
When you’re on your way home from work and you want to harvest some veg for dinner, there’s really only one option – deploy the handbag!

5 Comments on “Handbag Harvest

  1. Is that an artichoke? In June?

    I am growing them for the first time and thought they fruited much later?

    Love the site – but more pics of you please, you’re a babe!

  2. What would a girl do without her handbag eh?!
    My artichokes have come on much earlier this year, I’ve got a patch of 9 plants some are 3 years old and will need changing next year. They are producing like mad for now though – yet another result of the warm early summer probably.
    I also mulched the plants with farmyard manure topped with straw and I have to say the quality of the globes is much better than without.
    I pick them young, slice off the top inch or so of the prickly bits, simmer them in salted water for about 10 – 15 mins, drain well, quarter them then toss in olive oil and lemon juice. Delicious just warm and even better left in the fridge to soak up the oil!

  3. Sounds great Gingerhev – I normally boil the artichokes petals-down for around 10 minutes then serve them with melted butter. You eat the by pulling off the petals and dipping the end in the butter. It’s very quick and easy!

  4. What a gorgeous artichoke! I looove artichokes, they’re definitely my favorite veggie.

    My grandma used to boil them and then coat them in flour and breadcrumbs and fry them… tasty!

  5. I am a great advocate of the ‘handbag harvest’! I carry a trowel in mine just in case.

    That backfired on me a few weeks ago when I visited a National Trust property famed for its herb gardens. Secretly dug up a load of wild garlic plants and stuffed them in me handbag.

    The car broke down in the carpark and I had to call the AA. A very nice chap towed me home but just HAD to ask what the pong was coming from my bag.

    NEVER leave home without a pair of secateurs, a trowel and a scent-proof plastic bag. Or membership of the AA if you’re going by car.