More Snow?

At the risk of sounding repetitive mtp has been deluged with more snow! And for the benefit of our friends outside the UK I know it’s just snow and yes I’m getting a bit too excited about it. But honestly, it’s not normal. Not round these parts anyway. I took some photos of the Winter wonderland. The birds have given up the ghost and gone back to bed. Quite right, good idea!

7 Comments on “More Snow?

  1. Our last snowfall was in the early hours of Monday. I can’t remember having so much snow or it lasting so long since I was a child. It’s most unusual this year.

  2. Perhaps you’ve received all of our snow? I’m in Toronto, Canada and we’ve barely had a few centimetres all winter! That’s El NiƱo for you, I guess.

  3. I am very jealous. All we have hear in the North East is sludge, mud and ice. I miss snow! It makes everything bright…

  4. Our snow has melted and we’re now being pelted with heavy rain, sludge and hail and it’s most unpleasant outside.

    Today someone told me the frozen ground is causing rodent invasions. Well, sadly I can concur. Yes, my beds have been raided. :-(

    I’d rather have your snow, though it probably wouldn’t keep the little pests out of my carrots, I don’t know what to do… Any advice?

    As always, lovely photography!


  5. Great photos. It has been snowing in Kent today but not like last week, which is good as we can drive around now!

  6. I am starting to get a bit fed up with the snow now but it does look lovely in your photos. Ours was all rained away yesterday and so everything just looks a little grubby and splashed.

  7. Still got lots of snow here too. It snowed on and off all day but hasn’t stuck much, just topped up the drifts.

    I am so frustrated at not being able to get out into the garden.