My Desk!

This is my desk. I don’t get to sit at it much these days as most of my posts are done sitting at the kitchen table while bouncing a baby on my knee but… today is different. Today I have two whole hours to work with as my husband is looking after the kids. And today I’m sitting at my lovely desk with all my books around me, some of my Tulips in a vase and nice hot cup of coffee next to my laptop.

Of course I’ve tidied it for the photo – everyone wants to look good in a photo, right? It’s normally a bit messier than this, but only a bit since I’m quite a tidy person.

Today I’ll be working on an article that I’m writing for a new magazine that’s coming out here in the UK, called Handmade Living, out on 28th April. I’ve already written one for them on growing Tomatoes and this is the second one which will be all about growing Salads. I’m really enjoying getting back into magazine writing. Although, my first love will always be my blog!

Happy Friday and may you all be as productive as I plan to be :)

12 Comments on “My Desk!

  1. Gorgeous desk! It puts my crappy Ikea number to shame :(

  2. Hello. Your desk looks absolutely gorgoues. I really need to sort mine out! I took the day off work so I could catch up on my writing, but a few too many cocktails last night and… I don’t know how you manage it all with two small children. You’re an inspiration!

  3. Thats one productive looking desk! ;) Congrats on the writing work, I’ll have to keep any eye out for the magazine when it comes out.

  4. Let the creative thinking begin!! (well… continue, really :) )

  5. If only my desk was that tidy :0

    Congratulations on the magazine writing! It looks like it’s going to be a good ‘un.

    I’ve just had my first article published in Wiltshire magazine – I’m very chuffed :)

  6. That is one beautiful desk! And the tulips are lovely; that may be an idea to help me get through my mountain of uni assignments and creative writing deadlines some lovely flowers for inspiration, good luck with your writing and growing!

  7. You’ve got to have a fish bowl on there with two goldfish with long wavy tails. It’s what I want… but I’ve got to get the desk first. Oh, and the chair. Not to forget the anglepoise lamp and bookends.

    Oh dear! John

  8. I have the same vegetable book by Sarah Raven at the top of my book pile. I love it, every time I open it I pick up a new tip.

  9. John – I would be my cats favourite person if I got a goldfish bowl and two goldfish. Not sure the fish would thank me though :)

  10. Ooh, well done with the articles :) I look forward to seeing them in print!

  11. Appreciate the effort involved but could we see a pic of your desk as it usually is please, to give a more realistic peek at how you work?