Spankin’ new Design

The more shrewd amongst you may notice that mtp is looking smarter and more dandy these days. I was inspired by Clare over at Pumpkin Soup to update my look. While my IT support (Ryan) didn’t have time to redesign my site from scratch he did help me to choose a new theme (TerraFirma 3.3) and tweak it for my small needs. Hence the new look. I hope you like it.

2 Comments on “Spankin’ new Design

  1. Loving the new look – though I’m feeling a little ashamed that having inspired you I’ve not managed to get my act together to get the new, improved soup out just yet! I like the sultry be-hatted photo!

  2. Thanks – the husband said I had to post that picture so I don’t get any stalkers. His reason being that if they can’t see my face they won’t stalk me…??