The Best Things in Tiny Packets

Why, why, why am I so obsessed with seed packets? Buying them, arranging them, counting them, arranging them again, categorizing them, photographing them. What is going on? If it was shoes I could understand but it’s not it’s seed packets.

This is by far my favourite time in the gardening calendar – sowing time. This year I’ve already sowed Tomatoes, Aubergine, Chilli Peppers, Artichokes, Melon (Watermelon and Charentais), Peas, Chard, Salvia, and Sweet Alyssum, Lettuce, Kale, Cauliflower, Cabbage and Broccoli. Yes, sowing time is definitely for me.

Of course I’m excited about the coming season but more than that I simply couldn’t wait to get my seed packets out. I’ve been thumbing through them all winter, buying more and checking stores. Apparently, it’s my new hobby.

I put it down to having an obsession with little things. Boys you won’t understand this so don’t try, but girls remember when you just loved everything in miniature? Specifically, for me it was tiny pencils that fit into tiny plastic pockets, that had ribbons attached so you could hang them from key chains etc. Very small rulers that fit neatly into impossibly small pencil boxes that also fit neatly into my miniature purse. Tiny locks, with tiny keys. But best were the diminutive erasers that were actually small things but made into rubber. For instance, my favourite eraser was a petite music record that fit into a equally petite sleeve. It was totally impractical and unusable but then that didn’t matter because I had NO intention of ever using it.

It was for display only. I would look at it, arrange it differently, counted how many erasers I had, draw pictures of them, and then locked them in a box for safety.

Weird. Huh? I’m not like that now of course. I’ve moved on.






8 Comments on “The Best Things in Tiny Packets

  1. What beautiful packets they are too, much prettier than the ones I’ve been thumbing through this week! No wonder you keep wanting to buy more. I’ve just sown a selection of things here (South East England) and I’m not sure if really it’s warm enough yet, but I just couldn’t resist, the first proper day of spring sunshine tempted me too much!

  2. I am the same way with my seeds! I’m addicted to buying seeds, sorting, organizing, sharing them, saving them and of course growing them. I love your greenhouse, I wish I had one.

  3. How the gardeners like each others! The same happens here at East South Europe – Bulgaria .
    I have looked to the small packeges with seeds over and over again , dreaming for planting time. Now I have eight variety seedlings of
    tomatoes , a cucamelon, Swiss chard.

  4. I love Botanical Interests’ seed packets – they have such lovely artwork. We have some of the same ones – we were given a thick wodge of them in our Fling goody bag last year. I always go to the part of the seed tin where I’ve put them, just to admire them ;)

  5. Botanical Interests’ packets are the best. Just so gorgeous. I can’t believe everything you’ve been able to sow already. We are zone 4 and it’s still a tundra.

  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean, the best things do come in tiny packets! I love the whole process, choosing the seeds by circling the catalogues in pencil, getting them in planting order, carefully choosing and planting, and then the waiting and hopefully, the enjoyment! All that satisfaction from one little packet! My plan for tomorrow is to kick off the seed sowing, can’t wait to get back in the greenhouse!

  7. I remember that my mother used to do the same,.. she had a whole drawer filled with little seed packets all sorted and waiting for the right time of the year. Now I wonder will I manage to grow some plants on my own. Last time in the kitchen I needed a professional house cleaner what about taking care of a living thing :D

  8. I know exactly what you mean about seeds. Seed sowing is one of the best times of the year. Each tiny shoot has so much potential. And the packets you have are so beautiful! The packets I have in the UK are so boring by the comparison. I’m exactly the same with plant and seed catalogues though. I get so excited when they arrive, I put them aside and wait until the evening when I can peruse them at my leisure with a glass of wine and a planner!