The View From MTP

I can hardly believe that it’s snowing – here in the South West of England – the sunshine state! Of all places. It hardly ever snows here. We probably get a light smattering, perhaps (if we cross our fingers and wish to the big snowy one in the sky) once a year. But nothing you could really call snow. I mean nothing you could make a snowball out of. 

But not today. Today, it’s snowing. Big, big flakes. And it’s sticking. Whoohoo! it’s sticking. Sorry to get all childish about it but, I love snow. As you know, I had attached myself to frost as the next best thing to snow. But now there’s no need. 

Of course there are people, who come from the big square state in the middle of America, that would suggest 1.7cm doesn’t count as snowfall. And that English people make a lot of fuss about miniscule amounts of snow and that our gritters don’t slow down enough when passing other cars. Fair enough – who cares. It’s snowing!

17 Comments on “The View From MTP

  1. Too bad it doesn’t happen more often – your garden looks beautiful under a layer of white! You can come have some of ours… we’re quite done with it now. :)

  2. Lovely. We’ve been getting inches and inches here in Ohio. We had over 10 last week.

  3. We’ve had even more snow here in this part of the sunny south. All our small shrubs are covered. Can’t remember so much since we’ve lived here, which is over 20 years.

    Nice photos.

  4. I live in Houston and feel the same way. It snowed here for the first time in years. We got a whole inch and 20 miles north got 3 inches. Amazing!

  5. My garden looks fab under the snow about six inches here in on the herts/cambs borders. Schools are shut, so its fun for the my older one. And my younger one had his first play in snow, I don’t think he recognised the garden at all!

  6. Even in the big square state in the middle of the US, i’m pretty sure they’d be excited too! As for us in good ole’ OOOOOklahoma…we hear ya about being excited! My kiddos were STOKED about the snow we got last week too! They sledded for the 1st time ever in their little lives. So fun! What does Jackson think of it?

  7. From that big snow-covered square state in America….congrats!!! I hope you get enough to fill up a bowl and make snow ice cream :)

  8. I was wondering if I could apply your gardening advice to mine in Luxembourg. Now i know you are more temperate than here.
    My son’s Uni classes in Nottingham were cancelled due to the snow yesterday. What wimps!

  9. They didn’t have so much snow in Nottingham – my niece and nephew went to school, but all the schools are closed here.

  10. Hi, i have been following your site over the past few of months and just want to say thank you for making gardening sound like fun, i have never been into gardening but decided to have a go and spent last year preparing a very unused allotment ready for this year. Keep up the great work i for one really appreciate your suggestions and tips. Alan

  11. Is the snow going to affect your plot in any way besides just deep freezing it? I know you don’t usually get snow so is there something you would have done differently if you knew snow was coming? Sorry if I sound daft but I’m new to all this and I just want to make sure I know everything about winterizing so I don’t lose anything I’m starting. We got snow here in South Western Ireland the other day. Just a dusting and now it’s gone. Luckily all my seedlings are still inside (that much I know)lol. Thanks for the great tips and inspiration.

  12. Hi Jessica, Thanks for posting.

    In answer to your question – the only thing I did to prepare for the snow was to put some fleece over my small Cauliflower and Cabbage plants and bring in my Spring Cabbage and Tom Thumb lettuce seedlings that I had been growing in a propagator. The propagator lives on my windowsill overnight but in the day time I put it outside to get maximum light. When the snow came I kept it inside for a few days.

    That’s it really. My garlic and Kale seems to be coping with the ice and snow very well. My Spinach plants seem to have gone a bit limp in the deep freeze but they’re not dead and I’m sure they’ll spring back to life.

    I can see Tulips and Hyacinths peeping through the snow and they seem to be totally unaffected!

    Hope that helps.
    Good luck with the snow in Ireland.

  13. Wow, the winter is back here in Denmark. We just had 6 cm overnight, very beautiful with no clouds in the sky and the sun shining. Now it’s even possible to build a snowman ;-) Our Snowdrops and Hyacinths were covered but I hope they’ll survive.

  14. Thank you for mtp. I copied the mtp design layout when I acquired a second plot. The plants are different but the design is true to your original. Interestingly my center changed to rows for my purposes and yours now has furniture and the whole thing works at your house. Thanks again for your commitment to gardening, photography and sharing the experience. Now that I have broadband, I find the extent of your site gorgeous. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

  15. i don’t knowmuch about allotments but i wouldnt mind having one from looking at all your pics i might start one