Victorian Mini-Greenhouse

It’s official – I love my husband. And why? Because he bought me the most amazing, Victorianly fantastic, mini greenhouse for Christmas! (I love him for other reasons too but we’re splitting hairs here). I had no idea what he had bought me. The box was very long, flat and heavy and didn’t look anything like the shape of my gorgeous new plant house. So when I opened it on Christmas day I was very surprised. I assembled the side and polished the glass and wasted no time in putting my present to work straight away. I planted up some broadbeans and some winter lettuce and cut some matting to line the bottom (since the cold air was coming in through the deck slats). My Mini-Greenhouse is my new favourite thing. And it beats the socks off my old cold frame.

8 Comments on “Victorian Mini-Greenhouse

  1. love the greenhouse! way to go ryan! i can’t wait to hear how quickly your broadbeans and winter lettuce grow!

  2. Hi! I was googling for info on a mini greenhouse and came across your site. I’m planning a herb garden but need help combating the wind we get on the balcony of our 10th floor apartment. Your little greenhouse would be perfect! Would you be able to tell me where you got it from and what its dimensions are?
    Thanking you in advance,
    Lee in Sydney

  3. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for dropping by.

    The dimensions are probably about 50cm square. As for where we got it from – ermm funnily enough my husband got it from a wine shop. The guy who runs it is French and he sells cool hardware and plants outside too.

    And on the price I don’t know (as it was a present) but I’ve seen similar in reclaimation yards for around £140. That might be your best bet.

  4. Oh I saw these in a book once and fell instantly in love–though the one I loved the most was a tabletop version shaped rather like a cathedral–and looked all over for them then realized how expensive they are. Cool husband, cool present.

  5. They are such cool little items for the growing, especially when you don’t have masses of room for a greenhouse. Pricewise I think if see one for £140 buy it because I know a couple of people who have paid £200+.

  6. I Googled Victorian mini greenhouse today & selected UK sites & I feel lucky & it shot straight to your site!! How cool are you? They cost from £120 to £200+ on some sites. I’m full of admiration for you & your plot & wish I could do it.Maybe when I retire…….


  7. HELLO?

    Since some time I am looking for these kind of Victorian mini greenhouses
    Could you please inform me where I can buy it ?
    Would appreciate .

  8. Dig a hole and place the pot into the hole so that the greenhouse has only plant in it and so looks and grows better as such bell type roof greenhouses do best with a hole and poorly in space if you do not make a hole.