Welcome to My View

My little one is crawling. Hence, I don’t see much of him these days. He’s busy either going this way…

…or that. Chasing the cat out of the catflap, investigating the cat bowl. Eating fluff. Trying to open the dishwasher. The important things in life.

Even trying to get a photo of him is a blurry impossibility.

And when it comes to changing his nappy – no chance.

Devon, I love you and your little wiggly bum.

8 Comments on “Welcome to My View

  1. I was wondering how Devon was getting on – thanks for the update :)

  2. I absolutley love it when they are on the move, they become smarter and quicker every day which makes you want to cherish these moments even more.

  3. Oh, my heart is going pitty pat! I miss my British grandsons so much. Devon’s hair has gotten thicker and darker:)

  4. OMG how I remember that time with my kids!!! What is it with little ones and dishwashers???? My youngest (who is now 7) was obsessed with ours and was always stuffing it with toys, clothes, the cat (eeek) and even himself when he tried to climb inside! Had to check it every now and again throughout the day just to make sure ….. Enjoy this precious time but don’t let him out of your sight!! lol x

  5. Awww…so sweet! You cheered up a dull and dreary day with that post! X

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