Landscaping – Day Three

The concrete has been laid and the retaining wall at the end of the garden is nearly finished. Where you see the concrete – that will be filled with York stone blocks. The large square in the middle will be the brick seating area.

5 Comments on “Landscaping – Day Three

  1. Wow, that Canon lens certainly shows some distortion at the wide end.

  2. Hey Paul,

    I think you’re referring to the shape of the wall on the left. The actual wall is curved, so it’s not the lens :)

    The Undergardner

  3. Hi Ryan, no it’s the line of the roof that shows it off well, also at the bottom on the paths (less obvious). I know – I should just stick to counting my packets of seeds !

  4. Love all the update shots! I so wish we could hire someone to do some of our work, and be able to publish daily updates. :0) Keep ’em coming!