Lumber or Wood to You and I

The wood has arrived for the fence that will go around the garden. At the moment the garden is just a patch of bare earth with no boundaries. It just seeps into the pavement and stops. There are no plants or roots to keep the soil in. People can just wander in off the streets and their dogs often do. Most just stand and stare or slow down their cars. It’s funny to think so many people are interested in what we’re doing with our new garden. Someone even asked if we are building a house on it? I wish I’d thought of that! But no, I tell them. ‘I’m just going to put a garden there.’

But now the wood has arrived, things will start to happen. A boundary is a big thing. It says this is ours and please ask before you come in. It says we probably have children and dogs to keep in so please shut the gate. It’s not a very high fence so hopefully it won’t say keep out! But it will define where the garden will be and help me visualise a little better what I’m dealing with.

One of the small benefits of having a fence, and one that I’m excited about, is having something to plant against. I’m thinking maybe some espalier Apples and Pears wouldn’t go amiss and possibly a Peach or two. If the fence goes up quickly enough maybe I’ll have chance to plant some before the first frost. Who knows.

5 Comments on “Lumber or Wood to You and I

  1. Hi mtp, I’m glad to hear you’re settling in to American life and truly glad (for all our sakes) that Obama got four more years!

    I’m curious to know what size your garden is compared to what you were dealing with in the UK. And what colour are you going to paint those fence posts?

  2. Hi Leafy – yes I sighed a sigh of relief when Obama won too. My new garden is quite a bit bigger than the one I had in Bath. It’s approximately 10,280 square feet (1/4 acre). Although a fair portion of that will be laid to lawn for the kids, there is lots of scope for an ornamental kitchen garden, greenhouse and trained fruit trees too.
    The fence will be painted white.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of fence you build, I’m sure it will be simple and elegant. But I am curious, why did you decide to “start over” with a fence rather than tame to mature hedge that was there? I know it was VERY far gone, was it really beyond hope? The hedge just seemed to match your aesthetic pretty nicely (though of course, I realize it was not edible!) Actually, when I think it through I realize it must have been at least 10ft. thick, given its height of…what, 25ft? Daunting to say the least!

    Simply curious… it was such a brave step, and those are rarely easy!

  4. Hello! You seem to be making so much fantastic progress with your new garden. We were minus-fence/hedge when we first moved into the finca and although we are in a very rural spot, it was amazing how many people I found wandering around our garden. We have almost finished our fence now, which we made from planks similar to yours and which my roses and clematis adore growing up!! Happy fencing! xx