My Greenhouse


The greenhouse is half finished and I’m so, so happy with it.


This is what it looked like only last week but over the weekend the glass went in and it has been transformed into my garden dream. In mid December it was just a base wall. Now it’s a beauty in the making.

I’ve ALWAYS wanted a greenhouse. Every since my Dad had an aluminium one in the garden when I was growing up. He would grow Tomatoes and store his hanging baskets in there until it was safe to put them out. He would potter and potter in there for hours. Me and my mum had no clue what he was doing! And now I have my own to potter in. Maybe, it’s hereditary?

All I know is that I can’t wait to move all of my stuff in. To arrange my plant tags, set up the potting bench, plug in the heated mats and start growing. It seems like such a long time since I actually grew something. I have the seeds, the potting soil, the seed trays. I just need a door and some benches and all systems are go.

The grey wall you see will be covered by red bricks soon. There are automatic window vents to fit and probably a small heater to install (nothing too crazy just to keep it above freezing). Although someone on my gardening course had a smashing idea. She said she plugs in low-voltage Christmas lights to keep the frost away. No that, sounds like my kind of greenhouse!

15 Comments on “My Greenhouse

  1. Oh, so go the christmas lights, how wonderful, here in Australia we have solar ones, im guessing you do too, you could use them and have the added benefit of no bills! xxBrenda

  2. I love the idea of Christmas lights! I’m following your new garden layout with great interest and wishing I had that kind of yard space.

  3. Where did you get the glasshouse from? I am looking for one the same for my garden here in Dublin Ireland. My background is commercial grounds maintenance, I am going back to basics and grow my own.

  4. One of my earliest memories is from the 1950s, in my grandfather’s greenhouse at the back of his terraced house in Bolton, Lancashire, and the metallic smell of his tomato plants.

    It IS hereditary, I’m sure. I’ve got two greenhouse and various polytunnels as a result.

  5. Gorgeous greenhouse! Can’t get over how much you’ve done in such a short space of time! The yard has a very good lay-out and is really coming together – can’t wait for you to get on with the planting:)

  6. I am enjoying reading about your progress with your new transatlantic garden – what a great space and now a fab greenhouse – it should be a while before you run out of space!

  7. looks good- mine is just about surviving -11C nightime temps with electric heater and bubble wrap! Like the fairy lights idea, but wonder how much heat you’ll get? Nigel

  8. Have only just caught up with your move to the states, I love that greenhouse- I bet you don’t know what to do with yourself with all that space and things to plan!

  9. Fantastic looking greenhouse, looks very smart. We are currently planning a new greenhouse which will give us more space to potter and prepare.

  10. It all looks very exciting – can’t wait to see how everything shapes up as you go along. PS. Greenhouse envy.

  11. Hi Gill, Greenhouse is looking great,on the cheap heat thing try putting a couple of cut short candles in an old toffee tin,like a Roses tin with a few air holes in it -gets very hot.

  12. Dear Gill,
    I am so excited for you. The garden looks like is coming along very nicely indeed.

    Best wishes for the new growing season. I look forward to seeing your plants in all their glory.