My Lovely Patch of England

This is what my greenhouse looks like now. It’s finally finished and I can get in there and start to sow some seeds. Yey! I have some heated growing mats, seed trays and a box full of seeds all ready to go.



My union jack bunting looks right at home as does my Borough Market trough and Haws watering can. It’s my tiny patch of England.


These before and after shots show how the plants are settling in around the greenhouse. And how the brick base mellows the look quite significantly.


15 Comments on “My Lovely Patch of England

  1. Your greenhouse is beautiful! What a dream, to have a place like that in which to putter. Did you build it from a kit, or was it custom-designed? Looking forward to seeing how everything fills in over the course of the spring and summer.

  2. truly beautiful and I too cannot wait to see what pops up in there

  3. that is one FABULOUS greenhouse! i wish you were my neighbor so that i could look at it everyday.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! What are the dimensions? And height? Was it a kit or self designed? Love it!

  5. Thankyou for the lovely comments. I love my greenhouse. In answer to the questions. It’s 10ft high by 16ft long. It’s a custom kit made by SturdiBuilt here in Portland. Our builder buit the base and then constructed the kit on top of the base. The brick on the base is a new brick made to look old.
    I have electricity and running water to the greenhouse and auto-opening vents in the roof. It’s made from redwood and I had it primed and painted while it was still in pieces so that all the nooks and crannies would be covered when we assembled it. I’m very happy with it.

    The link to SturdiBuilt is here:

  6. No wonder you’re chuffed, it looks amazing. I wish my garden was big enough for a greenhouse. I grew up in a house with a large greenhouse that had been built by my grandfather (he was a joiner). I didn’t appreciate how complex and detailed it was until now. It had a fireplace and ‘central heating’ pipes running through it, and a water trough to collect rainwater. Quite amazing. It was probably built around the 40s or 50s and sadly the wood rotted and it had to be taken down. Now my dad has a crappy aluminium model. Good luck with your first season.

  7. Leafy! that’s sounds amazing. Grandads are in general amazing people. They lived in a different time when people used all the stuff available to them. My grandad had a shed with a roof made out of tin can lids – I kid you not! I wish I had a photograph of it. It was a sight to behold.

  8. That’s the most beautiful greenhouse I’ve ever seen! My dad built mine, you’ve inspired me to appreciate it more. I LOVE the bunting!

  9. What a beautiful greenhouse, I love the bunting too – and it all looks so English.
    You will have a lot of fun gardening in a different climate
    Best wishes

  10. Just wondering how the neighbours feel about it? And the fence?

  11. Oh, what a wondrous building! That would be my dream greenhouse, if I was lucky enough to have one. All you need now is one of those ‘Dig for Victory’ signs to complete the scene of Little England!

  12. Oh my word!
    Your greenhouse is indeed a thing of beauty!
    I am so envious, having no space for anything other than the little plastic covered greenhouses.
    I can’t wait to see how your greenhouse is used and how it mellows over time. It is just so gorgeous. You know you’ll need to live in this house forever now – you couldn’t ever leave such a beautiful greenhouse!