Kilver Court Gardens

I went to Kilver Court Gardens recently. I had been to the gorgeous farm shop many times for coffee and cake in the wood panelled room with the open wood fire but I’d never been to the gardens.

It was smaller than I expected, very tranquil with a huge disused viaduct running through the middle. Not usual for your average garden huh? Although the main planting is a little bit 70s style (think rockeries, heathers, and conifers of every shape) it’s totally mesmerising with its tiny pathways bridges and water features – and for kids nothing short of garden heaven.

There was also a hidden kitchen garden, tucked away behind some impressively old wooden gates. Although a bit sparse at the time it did sport some Martock Bean seedlings.

The Martock Bean, first mentioned in the middle ages, is a type of small broad bean from Martock in Somerset. It was rediscovered in the Bishop of Bath & Wells’ vegetable garden. The owner of Kilver Court was given six beans and has since grown over 6000 plants. Quite impressive. I just wish they had sold some of the seed in the shop – I would have bought some!

The small herb garden had, I counted, four different types of Chives, including this flat leaf, small flowered version (I don’t know the variety).

5 Comments on “Kilver Court Gardens

  1. Hiya, we’ve been reading your blog for a long time, but this is our first comment for a while. Those gardens look like a lovely place, very tranquil and inspirational. I love the picture with the wodden gate and your son (?) playing in the background. I also like the last photo of the Chives. I’m surprised they’re still in bud, since our flowers have just gone over after weeks of full bloom, but then the ones in your photo look like they’ve been cut back, so that might be their second flowering. We’ve read that you could force Chives to return for a second time if you cut them back at the end of spring, so we’ve just done that with ours. We’ll see if it works.


  2. I have to admit to hacking at the chive all summer long…and they seem fine. The flowers are very tasty too. I like the convenience of chive.

    Love the photo of the via duct. There’s a great one near where we live too (that I think was used in a Harry Potter film!)

  3. Sadly my visit to Kilver Court was marred by the sound of Lady Gaga echoing off the Viaduct from the jazz dance class being held in the studio behind your first picture :(

    Whilst the garden’s old fashioned in style, I think it suits its surroundings perfectly and I wish there was a similar planting in front of the railway viaduct in Chippenham!

  4. Hi,

    Lovely blog. We went to Kilver Court last week and they gave us a few beans each to grow. They may send some if you contact them.

    Its a very lovely place. I especially the oriental poppies.