Greenhouse Greens


There’s meagre pickings outside in the garden here. We’re working on the last of the Leeks and Beets but once they’re gone it will be a blank canvas. Not so in the greenhouse. We’re thankful for the greens that are happily growing in the greenhouse. Above is some Bok Choi that is not yet fully grown but can be used leaf by leaf.


Here is the Rocket (Arugula) bed. We’ve already been picking from this and as you know it just keeps coming and coming.


And here is the Radish bed. The Radish are not quite ready yet too but over the next few weeks we’ll soon be eating them.

We’ve already eaten the Winter Density Lettuce that I sowed and thought was killed by the frost but managed to bounce back. And yesterday I re-sowed some more Radish and cut and come again Lettuce.

The greenhouse is not heated. I have a heater set on its lowest setting just to keep the frost at bay. That’s all.

3 Comments on “Greenhouse Greens

  1. Lovely to see salads in January. I’m thinking of sowing some pea shoots soon. It’s been deceptively mild here, so I might try putting them in an unheated greenhouse.