Borage Flowers

My Borage has been flowering now for about a week. It took a while to open because of all the rain. It’s still raining but the flowers are open. And when there’s a break in the weather the hover-flies and bees are all over it.

The flowers are such an amazing purple/blue and they droop their heads beautifully. The plant is quite tall too – about a metre high. At the moment it’s being held up by my White Currant bush. I’m guessing in open ground it would need staking, especially in bad weather.

It’s so worth it though. The flowers are very unusual. I haven’t made any Claret Cup yet. This historic recipe uses Borage as a garnish for the drink.

9 Comments on “Borage Flowers

  1. Its such a pretty little flower borage. My plants dont seem as tall as in other years. It is certainly self seeding through the garden though. I just need some more sunshine now to add some to the 3/4 bottle of pimms i found in the pantry.

  2. I really like the sound of forage, we’ll need to give it a go next year. Do you grow it from seed? Perennial/annual? Thanks!

  3. I love borage. It is so pretty. I planted a couple of plants a couple of years ago and now it has sprung up all over my plot. Mine has been in flower since June. Claret Cup sounds good!

  4. A nice way to beautify any summer drink is to add borage flowers frozen in ice cubes, very pretty.

  5. Hi Lee, I bought some seeds and planted those. It’s technically an annual but I’ve heard that it is a prolific self-seeder and so I can’t imagine I’ll have to buy any more seed.

  6. Thanks, seeds bought! Probably far too late to be planting them, but what the hell, I’ll scatter a few in the borders and see if any take off.