Planting Elephant Garlic

elephant garlic

I’m busy in the garden this week. I just planted my Elephant Garlic. I decided to grow this type as I already have some ‘normal’ Garlic growing in the front garden that I planted back in November. The kitchen garden wasn’t ready back then and so I put it in in the only space I had available.

This is a little later than I would usually plant Garlic but this way I get an early crop from the Autumn sow cloves and a later one from the Elephant Garlic.

3 Comments on “Planting Elephant Garlic

  1. Can’t get anything planted over here in the uk.. Just too cold and ground is waterlogged, we are still awaiting spring!

  2. Elephant garlic is a relative of the leek, which is an onion. Elephant garlic is still a good way to add flavor to your dishes. Volatile oil from elephant garlic may help protect against trichothecene mycotoxin. Trichothecene mycotoxin is a toxin that occurs naturally and is produced by fungi.