RHS Fruit & Veg Prints

I was sent a link today from the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society for those outside the UK). It was a list of things to buy for Mother’s Day (March 14th). They included things like gardening show tickets and memberships but what caught my eye were these, absolutely gorgeous prints of fruit and vegetables.

I heart the RHS but I had no idea that they sold these. They are the most beautiful I’ve seen.

There are tons to browse and these are just my favourites. And, yes I would definitely like to get one for Mother’s Day!

8 Comments on “RHS Fruit & Veg Prints

  1. Thanks for this post – I’m decorating my new kitchen this is a huge help! These prints are wonderful.

  2. I like your style, mtp. How to get what you want on Mother’s Day!

    These are beautiful, I particularly like the beet and pepper ones.

    Also, seems to be a bit of a delay with feedburner – I get your posts a day late for some reason.

  3. I got a RHS diary for Christmas and it has some beautiful illustrations in it.

  4. Lovely detail in those prints. I got my father-in-law a 5 year gardening diary off amazon for Christmas which has some gorgeous illustrations in it.

  5. Some of these prints are in the RHS friut and veg notebook.Very nice :)

  6. They have some fabulous stuff in their picture library. Really old and well preserved; they could make it much more available (and make some money in the process).