Master Gardener Course


Last week I started the Master Gardener course at the Oregon State University. It’s 11-weeks of classroom learning followed by 11-weeks of practical gardening out and about in Portland. I’m so excited to be learning so much about gardening and being able to do it with people who are as enthusiastic as me about gardening. My plan is to select some of the most interesting and enlightening parts of the course and blog about it. I’ll file the posts under Master Gardener and there will be one a week. So it will be like you’re doing the course too. Well, sort of.

6 Comments on “Master Gardener Course

  1. Thanks for sharing the tips from your gardening course – there is always something new to learn and I’m sure all your followers will benefit from your blog. Hope the weather is okay with you – in East Anglia we have thick snow and very cold temperatures! Hope you and all the family are fit and well. x

  2. I think the US Master Gardeners scheme is super. I’ve come across so much useful info online from the various extension courses. I’m quite envious of your taking one.

  3. I’m really envious of the Master Gardener scheme which operates in the USA and Canada. I remember when we went to the Farmers’ Market in West Seattle in 2011, the Master Gardeners there had a stall for people to go and ask questions, get their plants ID’d etc. It was a very popular stall!

    Looking forward to learning from you – I wonder if that counts towards your volunteer element of the qualification :)

  4. VP – I’m learning so much. It’s amazing. I’m wondering if I’ll ever be good enough to be one of those people at the farmers markets. Hopefully one day. In the meantime writing about it here helps it stick in my mind – sort of like revising :)

  5. I made the decision last September to start a Garden Design course at Capel Manor in north London, just one day a week plus homework. As well as the course content, I’m learning so much from talking to other enthusiasts at the college – it makes me realise how little I knew before! I also use my blog as a means of learning – new plants have to be learnt every week as well as plant science, so every little bit helps!

  6. Good for you, am doing the same in California after alos having moved from gardening in Uk. I wouldn’t worry about doing the information tables, theres usually someone around that can have a go at any questions and remember no one can know everything. Its the hotline you’ve got to worry about. I enjoyed looking at the Oregon links you provided. Heres the equivalent for California