At Last – Frost!

Yes – at last, some frost. I must have been the only one celebrating while everyone else was busy scraping their windscreens with their credit cards.

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4 Comments on “At Last – Frost!

  1. You take such amazing photos – I have the same camera as you, but picture size is too big (2MB a pic). Does the lower setting allow you to upload smaller pics, or do you alter with photshop (complete non gardening – sorry!)

  2. Hi Cat,
    I take all my photos on the medium setting which normally creates photos of around 1.5Mb. However before I put them onto my blog I export them at the correct size for the space above (440 pixels wide) which reduces the images size to around 48k. That’s the image you see here.

    I use iPhoto for all my photos because I’m a Mac-gal.

    Hope that helps. Keep snapping!

  3. Thankyou…! But being computer illiterate I shall go ask a 10 year old how I do it! :o) Great soup by the way – I made loads last year with shop bought stuff, but intend to use my own this/next year! Happy soup-making. x