Orange Spot on Pear Leaf

While inspecting my three Pears dangling from my Pear trees I found these, nasty-looking, day-glow spots on some of the leaves. Yuk! Apparently it’s Pear rust and is a fungal disease that affects Pears and Junipers. Infact, the spores need a Juniper to over-winter on!

I don’t own a Juniper bush! One of my sneaky little neighbours must be harbouring one. Humph.

I need to snip off the infected leaves on my Pear trees and prune infected branches off the Juniper otherwise the problem will keep coming back. Do you think they would mind if I hopped over the fence at midnight and did a little free pruning? No, I thought not.

10 Comments on “Orange Spot on Pear Leaf

  1. I had this on my pear tree last year. It came back very slightly this year but less so. I’m doing the same thing as you and picking the infected leaves off, seems to be working. I didn’t realise that some criminal harbouring an evil juniper in the area was to blame…

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about this, I get it on my pear tree (a Jargonelle) and it doesn’t seem to affect the yield or the fruit itself. I just pick of the affected leaves as I spot them. Didn’t know about the juniper though, all the more reason to get rid of the juniper lurking in one bed that I’ve had my eye on!

  3. Hopefully it won’t affect the tree too much, I’m sure your neighbours will be on holiday soon, they need someone to keep an eye on the garden??

  4. I like your tiny plot- I don’t how tiny it is but it has plenty- dealing with bugs is a problem in my garden too but I try to use natural products to eradicate them-Best of luck though you are doing some fab work

  5. How about hoeing in a load of rock salt around the junipers?
    Stay on top of this. Pears seem to be more delicate than other fruit trees.

  6. Just found this site and this particular item – it’s what’s on my boyfriend’s pear tree – I thought it was rust and I’ve already removed the offending juniper!! So hopefully no problems next year. Thanks so much.

  7. I get this too and this year, no pears at all…

  8. My whole pear tree is covered do I need to cut down tree?

  9. Aaargh! That’s what’s on my pear tree! And not just one or two leaves either. I do get a harvest from the tree but the fruits look a bit stunted. Would the rust be to blame for this??