Protecting Peas from Pea Moth


If your peas are flowering, like mine are, then now is the time time to cover the plants with Enviromesh. Pea moths lay their eggs on the flowers of peas at this time of year and the resulting tiny, cream-coloured grub will burrow into your pea-pods ready for you to find later on in the season when you harvest your peas. Protecting the crop now will mean grub-free pea soup later. Unless you need the protein of course?

9 Comments on “Protecting Peas from Pea Moth

  1. What a beautiful close up of a pea flower. Mine aren’t as far on as yours. Just got to be patient :)

  2. I’ve not had trouble from the pea moth in the past (one of the few pests I haven’t had). Now I’m probably tempting fate.
    Pretty picture too, lovely green tinge.

  3. great picture. it looks beautiful. just post more of them!

    thanks. ;-)

    it seems i have some problems with my computer. my comments won’t appear?

  4. oh no oh no oh no oh no! Our peas are podding and I didn’t know of this Pea Moth! Oh damn rubbish sod.

    Must hurry hurry to get them covered. Do you know, please, whether Enviromesh is available in B&Q or similar? Garden centre shut after 5pm. Is this a very specialist mesh that we have to order online? oh nuisance!!

  5. ooohh all change…can’t find my way around!!

  6. I wondered where all those little grubs came from. My crop seems to be riddled with them. Mind you after I’ve turned them into a curry with my spuds and spinach I don’t notice them at all.

  7. I was always intrigued by the little tiny caterpillas you get in peas when I was a kid. I was never allowed to keep them as pets though.
    It’s been so windy the last couple of days I’m hoping all the pests have been blown away!