Easter weekend

Hooray! Four whole days off work and all the time in the world to do ‘plot stuff’. Up at mtp everything is growing. The gutter peas are off to a flying start as you can see. The rocket I planted back in January is ready for its first harvest and the onion sets are starting to sprout. Today, I planted a second row of carrots (as per the Carrot plan), planted two more purple sprouting broccoli plants under the cloche, did various weeding duties and potted up some comfrey (to stop it spreading). The plot was buzzing with people, mostly planting potatoes. It’s all starting again! And… we saw three hot-air balloons, a sure sign that Spring is here in Bath.

7 Comments on “Easter weekend

  1. Peas look very healthy!

    I put a packet of peas to soak on Sat intending to plant at my lottie Sun afternoon-had phone message at noon to say father in law ill so we dashed 30 miles to him-locum doctor visited-admission to emergency medical unit-horrendous ie no privacy no communication no treatment and definately nothing emergency about the place – 4 and a half hour wait to see doctor who arrived 10pm!

    We didn’t get home till 11.30pm -managed to plant 2 thirds of peas after my breakfast in trays and rest as a bit of an experiment amongst broad beans in garden

    Lots of hospital visiting plus another house to sort so alas lottie will have to wait even longer than planned

  2. Excellent blog & pictures.. this is my first full season with a plot – and 19th April was an excellent evening, made better by burning the bramble knots I have extracted from the beds dug so far ! Are you of the bonfire fraternity ?

    Your peas do look healthy – mine, sugar peas, raised in pots are now in the plot, a little bit wind chilled.. lets see how their first 10 days go in the real world !

  3. Am I of the bonfire fraternity? – well yes and no.

    Yes we’d like to be, and no we don’t have them because mtp is surrounded with bungalows inhabited by (let’s be polite here) ‘the older generation’. And they get very upset when anyone on the allotment dares to light a bonfire. Unless, it’s at 10pm on a winters evening when all the bungalow windows are firmly shut and most people are probably in bed anyway.

  4. Our rocket seedlings are sprouting well in the soil and there are signs of life from our pak choi and spinach too. Our first earlies potato plants are looking strong as well. I think we are doing quite well seeing as we only starting this allotment lark in January!

    Question: has anyone else found that you can become totally obsessive about your little patch of soil? :p

  5. Obsessed? I’m in a bad mood today because it’s raining and I can’t go to mtp – yep I’d say I’m obsessed :)

  6. we were going to do gutter peas this year, but due to failure to clean gutter have gone with rootrainers