Garden Shot in Time


This is one part of my kitchen garden that I’m really happy with. Every inch of it is full. No dirt showing! It looks like a photo from Joy Larkcom’s book. But we all know this won’t last long so I’m savouring it while it’s here. The three types of Lettuces you can see will soon be going to seed if we don’t snip them soon. The Kale and Chard really needs to be picked over and eaten leaf by leaf but I haven’t the heart to do it. The Cauliflowers in the foreground are starting to heart up and will probably be the last men standing in this part of the garden. And the Shallots at the back are swollen and the tips of the leaves are starting to go yellow. Before we know it they will crisp, lying on the floor and ready for digging.

All those lovely fresh, lush photos of kitchen gardens that we see in magazines and books are just a, very short, moment in time. Why? Because we eat the stuff! I for one, struggle to let go of perfection.

Currently enjoying Snap Peas by the bucket and the Hood Strawberries are still coming.

1 Comments on “Garden Shot in Time

  1. You never disappoint with the photographs of your garden, this kitchen garden part of your home really looks tempting and delicious. I love cauliflowers, so see them bloom is particularly interesting to me. So, as I always say, enjoy your labor of love.