Running behind…

I’ve been searching for some Swift onion sets to sow now and harvest in May next year. This, I thought, would help me in my quest to be totally self-sufficient in onions for one whole year. I have around 50 onions in storage right now, and three bags of shallots. This might last us until March or April next year – assuming that none of them rot and they are all usable. So I really needed to get those onions in on time. However, because I am running behind this year (not sure how that happened) I found that most places had sold out. So with no sign of Swift onions at any of the regular seed stores that I use I decided to consult eBay to see what was on offer there. I’m happy to report that I found 50 Radar onion sets (just as early as Swift I think) for £1.49 from Home+GardenStore. They arrived two days ago and they’re now in the ground along with some garlic and shallots from my own stores.

2 Comments on “Running behind…

  1. Hello, I just found your page with “stumble” and think its very good. Your photos are great.

    I live in the most western part of Austria, near the border to Switzerland and Germany and I also like gardening. I took a lot of photos from my garden and everday life since April 2006. The text is written in German, but you can watch the photos.
    Wish you the best for your life, your family and your garden – Elisabeth

  2. 50 for £1.49 seems great value to me. You could also try SCATS if there is one near you – they’re selling onion sets and other bulbs at a 25% discount as its late in the season.