Gathering Pea Sticks


My pea seedlings are romping away and some of them are even flopping over they are so big. So when I was out walking yesterday and spotted some twiggy branches lying on the ground after a windy night, I took the opportunity to gather my first harvest of pea sticks.

Pea sticks are a must for every avid pea-grower. You push them into the ground around your peas and the tiny seedlings cling to them for support thus keeping your precious harvest off the muddy ground and away from slugs. It’s ingenious really.

Of course you can use netting to support your peas, or even bamboo sticks with string tied around them but pea sticks, au naturel, are my favourite.
If you don’t live near the countryside, or just don’t want to walk around carrying an armful of sticks like a crazy woman then you can always contact the Forestry Commission as they do pea stick gathering days at this time of year.

7 Comments on “Gathering Pea Sticks

  1. It is rare that I actually laugh out loud at the computer, but “If you don’t live near the countryside, or just don’t want to walk around carrying an armful of sticks like a crazy woman…” did it! LOL! :)

  2. Yeah! You are wearing your scarf. I love that!

  3. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. We have got a very small garden which is a complete blank canvas since we took up all of the paving. In rethinking the plan of the garden, you have inspired me to try to give over a large part of it to growing veg. I am going to try to follow all your handy hints as I am a complete garden novice! It is a south facing garden with one large conifer and nothing else in it. Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received although I can appreciate you being rather busy with your own tiny plot and with your new arrival – congratulations!

  4. So I’m just as mad as you, that’s nice to know.

    While out for a walk with my son the other day (him on his new bike and me following close behind to catch him :-), I saw lots of twigs from trees lying around,and decided to pick them up. My boy thought I was mad and kept asking me what I was doing, so I’m sure anyone overlooking (and this was on a housing estate!) must have thought I was ready for a white coat!!! :-)

  5. Cripes, you make me realise how horribly behind I am with my vegetable plot. I’ve only just dug it and have only just planted seeds and my potatoes are still chitting.

  6. Ooh Thursday – get those potatoes in now! You’ll be missing out otherwise. And sow some peas too if you haven’t already. Spring without peas is like Friday night without Gardeners’ World.

  7. Planks for new raised beds have been delivered so I’m hoping that they’ll be knocked together this weekend with a view that I’ll be planting like a mad thing early next week.