Here We Go Again…


Wow! Is it that time of year already? It seems like yesterday that I was picking Lettuces but now it’s time to start thinking about next year and planting Garlic again. I suppose on the surface of it, kitchen gardening looks a lot like doing the same thing over and over again every year. But it’s not like that, is it?

Yes, sometimes it feels a bit like groundhog day when it comes to planting things like Garlic again but the choices are endless and that for me is what makes it exciting. I’ve been growing vegetables for over eight years and every year my garden is completely different. Not only do I have a go a different varieties but also my successes and failures are different too. Some years are just good for certain vegetables and bad for others. This year for instance I managed to kill all my pumpkin seedlings by forgetting to water them in the hot greenhouse. So no pumpkins for me but my Tomatoes were out of this world.

I’ve learned a lot about growing vegetables and should have it ‘down pat’ but it’s not that easy. Even if you do everything ‘right’ sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Sometimes the slugs mow down your seedlings (I should make a T-shirt that says that…). But that’s what makes it challenging, for me.

One Comment on “Here We Go Again…

  1. I’m new at this vegetable gardening thing, so am finding it a little frustrating that I can do everything ‘right’ and still things don’t work. But I am also finding it incredibly rewarding, when things DO work, even if they have worked in SPITE of my efforts, instead of dying when I thought they would.

    And there is nothing quite like eating that first lot of peas, or the first strawberry, or the first tomato. Yummo!