Making Branded Seed Trays

I’ve always wanted my own branded seed trays, just like Monty at Berryfields. But it’s one of those things that you never see for sale in the shops and much less the opportunity to put your own name on it. And even though I did find somewhere online selling traditional seed trays, and also somewhere offering personalised branded trays I felt that they were charging too much to make it really worth while. After all, I am only going to fill it with dirt and leave it in my cold frame all winter!

So, in these cash-strapped times there was only one solution – to make my own. I used part of an old packing box for the tray and bought a stencil and permanent marker. I’m pretty proud of the result. After one season of dirt and moss it will look just as good as the real thing, I’m sure.

14 Comments on “Making Branded Seed Trays

  1. LOVE it, but you could really really go into business with those beautiful plant markers


  2. I love it! I too have a soft spot for seed trays – I might have a go at personalising some myself. Need to get hold of some packaging trays though.

  3. Well aren’t you the creative one? But then we knew that anyway… they look great! And certainly lend to the illusion of being organised. Please tell me it’s all an illusion… make me feel better about my extreme disorganised-ness… please?

  4. I am not surprised that you have had so many comments on this post. The seed box is fantastic and so proffessional. The seed makers are lovely.

  5. I love the crates they are darling! I wish i had a cold frame!!I love your seed markers as well…lovely writing! I got my first seed catalogue this week for the new year! Heaven in the mail!!

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