My Garden Through the Seasons

Spring – everything is all green and bouncy!

Summer – many of the plants are bigger and in full production.

Autumn – large empty patches appear and the Winter veg take over.

Winter – the garden is coated in frost and snow and everything is sleeping.

I love looking back over the seasons. Taking lots and lots of photos enables you to remember what the garden looked like at certain times of the year. I find this very useful when it comes to planting the following year. I can see how big a plant was, how much room it is likely to take up, whether it will shade other plants etc. These are all very important in a small garden like mine.

But more than that, it’s just interesting, isn’t it? To see the same garden change over time. The Spring and Summer photos look quite similar but there are subtle differences that make it obvious which is which. Apart from the plants being bigger the light is different. I didn’t take any of the photos on a sunny day which is great because you can see the nuances of light. The colours, and direction of sunlight makes a big difference, I think.

You can see the importance of having some structural plants in the Winter too. Otherwise it would just be four squares of bare earth!

16 Comments on “My Garden Through the Seasons

  1. I love your little garden space – and the blue doors on the building look great! Wish my spot were so organized.

  2. I love these photos and I love the layout and design of your garden, really pretty, really practical and I imagine, really useful too. I like the way you leave your umbrella out in the winter too… I do that as well!! (hope we can meet up soon?!)

  3. It’s great you have one vantage point to capture the whole garden from at different times of the year.

  4. I love the photos of the garden in different seasons and it’s amazing the difference in the number of plants from summer to autumn!

  5. Love following your blog posts about your structured garden. Wonderful to see how it has turned out and how having structure really adds to its charm.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I also love to take photographs through the season in my garden and when you have done it for a few years you get a great sense of how your garden ticks. Keep up the good work – personal satisfaction is the big pay off…

  7. that’s gorgeous! i regularly take photographs of my garden from the same window, it is stunning how much it changes even in a few weeks. i’ll have to look at them all together sometime. x

  8. Interesting article! Christopher Lloyd always recommended planting first the winter structural plants and then designing everything else around them and he had a point. thank goodness that more and more we are appreciating our gardens in the winter months rather than forgetting about them and hibernating…

  9. Love your website – I’ve been visiting on and off for years. Did you know that you’re featured in the new Sainsbury’s magazine? There’s a list of some of the best websites around and you’re listed :-)

  10. Great photos. I’ve done a similar thing with our garden this year and it’s interesting seeing how the garden changes so much over the year.

  11. What a great post. Have just recently found your blog and it’s lovely to see your garden through the seasons. Very inspiring!

    Sharon x

  12. What a great illustration of how a strong core structure means a garden works all year round. I love being able to see the whole space – and thank you for challenging me to remember to take “big picture” photos for later review, I tend to spend too much time “up close”, and lose perspective.