Super Early Onions

This is a photo of my onion patch. I planted around 20 sets of the super-early onion Radar, back in December. They seem to be romping ahead and are nearly big enough for picking green. The Red Baron sets that I planted in February are still very small so it seems worth while to get an early variety in during the winter if you can. I just used up the last of the stored onions this week so my plan for self sufficiency in onions seems to be coming together. I haven’t bought an onion since the harvest on Aug 9th 2006. Two months and three weeks to go!

5 Comments on “Super Early Onions

  1. Wow – that awesome – I think that we would have to dedicate a whole plot to onions if we were to try for self-sufficiency – we eat far too many! Lol – oh well – we have some autumn varieties that have started to bolt – I don’t think it matters too much if they do bolt, but they don’t look quite big enough yet – I hope they still grow!

  2. I bet it smells absolutely wonderful… loamy and onion-y and green. What a sight to behold!

  3. With the overwintered onions one has to remember to water during dry spells (such as the one we had in April). A lot of people had reported their overwintered onions bolting after the sudden deluge of rain in May.

    That said, bolted onions can still be used, except that they cannot be stored.

  4. Agreed! I had four or five that had started to bolt. I nipped off the flowers to stop them for now but I will be using them green instead of storing them.

  5. Thank heavens for early onions! I started harvesting my bed of early onions a week ago and they’re delicious and saving me money buying them from the shops!