The Best Compost Ever!

It’s time to crack open the compost and see what’s inside. This particular compost pile hasn’t been used for a long time. It’s my neighbour’s and he kindly allowed me to meddle in it. He’s been adding kitchen waste, Christmas trees, horse manure and lawn cuttings to it for the past 5 years! He didn’t have a kitchen garden so he had no reason to use it. Until now! We opened it up and found this lovely dark, crumbly compost. It went straight on to the garden to let the worms do their job. This is how compost should be.

5 Comments on “The Best Compost Ever!

  1. Just stopped to say hello from Maine, USA. I saw your site listed on Nicole’s and came to check it out. Boy, do you make neat garden plans! And, I like the look of your whole site.

  2. Thanks Sandy – I do like to do fancy garden plans. I think it’s to relieve the boredom of those long winter months!

  3. just had to deal with rats in mine – had to sort them out, break it all out, put a chicken wire frame underneath and then reseat it all.

    The process of doing that means it’s no good for putting into our beds this year (because the new stuff got mixed with the old a bit) :(

    Never mind, next year it’ll be even better…


    For your new batch, get R to pee on it everynow and then to get the heap activated! Does wonders for it – honestly. :)

  4. Wow – I never thought of err… peeing on it. Better leave that to Ryan I think! Thanks for the advice. I have rats under my other compost heap so I’ll use your chicken suggestion over there.

  5. That looks super. Makes me want to get my hands in and have a good feel.