Tying In


I spent some time today tying in some plants that need a bit of extra support. My Broad Beans (Fava Beans) were starting to flop over and so I put in a sturdy support and tied them in making sure to loop the string around in a figure of eight to give the plant some give.

I did the same with my Sweet Peas that are trying to clamber up a metal archway but keep getting knocked off by the wind. I love this dark purple twine that a friend gave me. Sometimes I want to hide the string supporting my plants and in this case I’ll use green. But occasionally it’s fun to show it off and make it a feature of the row. With such a bright colour you can see the string from the other side of the garden.

1 Comments on “Tying In

  1. What a nice way to spend a bit of time. I’ve just been attaching my sweet peas to the fire escape railings and tying them with twine too. I’m so excited about them blooming.