You win some…

good seedlings
Never let it be said that I am an expert seed-sower. As you can see here I have a lovely set of seedlings growing happily in my small propogator outside (with no heat and it has to be said very little light). Starting on the left there is Corriander, Red Cabbage, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, two rows of Arctic King Lettuce (planted two weeks apart) Parsley, Caulifower and Rocket (romping away in the right hand bottom corner). A very nice selection to get me started this year. With this photo I could create an illusion of mastery and you would marvel at my seed-sowing prowess. But it would be a long way from the truth.

Behold the beginnings of my cutting garden, seed of Aster (lemon and orange) and Cosmos (white).
bad seedlings
These seedlings are in our loft room (the sunniest room in the house) and they are sitting on a bed of sieved compost with a slight under heat of around 60 degrees. Perfect conditions you may think – but no. As you can see they are not happy chaps. All legs and pale as death – they remind me of me when I was about 15!

2 Comments on “You win some…

  1. Read a previous post about how you soak your broad beans before planting do you soak other varieties of beans before planting?

    like your site will be popping by for more tips in the future!

  2. Hi Tina – I think soaking seeds only really applies to larger ones like broadbeans, runner beans and peas. It just helps soften the skin and enables them to burst through easier. Larger seed has a tendency to rot if left in the soil for a long time.